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March 10th, 2003

09:44 am
hello. happy today. yesterday a a good friend from school came over and we had dinner w a few other old friends at an indian restaraunt up the street. it was yummy. then we played trivial pursuit at our place until 11 and then everyone left.

it was nice. it's cold outside.

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February 10th, 2003

04:39 pm
our plans for montreal never developed. could it be the severe cold? yes, i think it could.
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent

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February 4th, 2003

10:04 am
i actually had to post this:

on google if you go to tools an services you can see a host of other search engines offered and being tested by google.
here is that:

there is which is a product search. ("flokai rugs" etc)
and there are others. if you go into "lab" it shows you what things they are still testing. one of these is called google sets.

i couldn't remember the name of the movie i was looking for (pulp fiction) so i typed in jackie brown, usual suspects and samuel l jackson. and i hit show me a set. and it gave me pulp fiction, reservior dogs and a few others.

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09:51 am
ho ho ho. here's another post. so it's been a while now since i was in puerto rico. i was hoping that that post would somehow keep me there. lets see ... what's new.

well, ga and i have been on a relentless shopping spree. our apartment is now just too big. there are windos that need to be covered and bedsheets that need to be slept on. i tell you it is never-ending. aren't we just dubya patriots. consumerism.

movies - Akira: awesome.

other than that we did shopping and last night we made cheese fondue. it was yummy. the consistency was good and there were no problems. thanks for the recipe, bastiality! the only thing that we didn't have was the brandy but thankfully it didn't make any difference. at least i couldn't tell anyway. having the electric pot helped keep the temp consistent which was good. plus the recipe was way too much for both of us so i am glad we know that now. i wonder what we can do with the leftover cheese?
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January 10th, 2003

01:23 pm

puerto rico was awesome.

old san juan has old spanish architechture, many churches, and because we were there around xmas - nativity scenes and little festivals and lots and lots of xmas lights and decorations everywhere. the town was very clean and surprisingly americanized. old san juan is where the tourist ships come in. there were tons of american stores like walgreens and target and sams club (all built into these beautiful old structures. the place felt raped). i didn't expect it to have so many subways and walgreens. one night we went to this indian latin fusion restaraun with a huka bar. yummy flavors.

then off to fajardo which is a the eastern tip of the island. from there we took a ferry to vieques which is an island directly to the east of puerto rico. we stayed at a house owned by Annie Flanders - the woman who created Details Magazine. the house was called las piedras or 'the rocks'. it's a four storey house w a split level entrance. the bottom was a floor that had two rooms where the parents and his sister stayed. from that level you could look out at the ocean which was less than 10 feet away. you could also look out to the right of the house at the beach. no beach was directly in front of the house it was just a walled barrier and the ocean. from this level you could go out onto a patio that had a swimming pool that over looked the ocean and then stairs that went to the ground level of the house.

there on the ground level was the entrance to a private room with its own bathroom and huge rocks inside that the house had been built around. it was pretty amazing.

we mostly hung out at the house and visited a few of the non govt restricted beaches. vieques has 70 percent of its land occupied by the us military and there have been several protects by major environmental, local and other political agenda-ed organizations for the military to exit. they were supposed to have exited jan 2003 according to george w's govt. we also went to see a few of the restricted areas that are open to the public but are monitored by govt and not allowed for use on training and testing days.

anyway the MOST SPectacular thing that i saw by far has to be one of the most amazing things i have ever seen or experienced in my life. it was the Bio luminescent bay. there are only about 10 or 15 of these bays left in the world. before we went on vacation i read about it on the internet. basically it is a bay that has a smaller mouth into the ocean and alot of pollutants - mostly caused by fossil fuel - have not entered the bay. that (and a special tree, the mangrove) allows these organisms called dinoflagellates to exist. the dina's glow in response to movement. so you go to the bay at night - we went in these single kayaks (that were like big plastic boats not metal kayaks) - and paddle to the middle of the bay. it looks dark and normal as you are rowing out but you notice that your paddle is glowing at you move it along the water. and then you see tons of fish shoot by and it looks like a shooting star. and you cup water in your hands and let it run down your arm and there are these little clumped up things are like dots that glow as they slide down your hand. and you look at the still water without distrubing it and you notice that it looks like it has active glitter in it. it was really cool. i cant believe (thankfully) that it exists and that there isn't more hype around it.

there were tons of americans expats in vieques and of course they didn't mix too much with the vieqenses. but it was interesting to meet ppl (and not have to feel bad about having terrible spanish).
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December 10th, 2002

01:58 pm
12/14: Holiday Clean Energy Open House & Gift Fair

Reply to: see below
Date: Fri Dec 6 12:51:14 2002

Holiday Clean Energy Open House & Gift Fair
Saturday December 14, 10-4 p.m.
7125 Willow Ave, Takoma Park, MD

Let's treat the Earth as if we intended to stay.

You probably heard the news about the nation's first
urban corn silo supplying the Takoma Park corn stove
cooperative members with organic, no-till corn to heat
their homes. Now come see a corn stove in action by
touring Maryland's only 100% clean energy home,
decorated for the holidays.

Learn how easy and inexpensive it is to make your home
100% clean energy through the use of stoves, solar
panels, compact florescent bulbs, and smart energy
conservation. Check out a hybrid car & innovative
electric vehicles, buy wind power certificates &
energy efficient light bulbs, feast on holiday baked
goods (including solar-baked cookies!), and gather
information about Maryland's only organization focused
solely on stopping global warming - Chesapeake Climate
Action Network.

This open house is located at 7125 Willow Ave., Takoma
Park, MD. For more information call Chesapeake Climate
Action Network at (301) 920-1644 or e-mail


From Rt. 50 West or I 95 South:
Get to the 495/ DC Beltway and head west toward Silver
Take Takoma Park exit #28B - New Hampshire Ave
Follow New Hampshire Ave to the intersection of Piney
Branch Rd./ Rt 320
Take a right onto Piney Branch and follow past
University Blvd., Flower Ave., Sligo Ave.
Take a left onto Philadelphia Ave./ Rt. 410
Take a right onto Maple Ave.
Take a left onto Tulip Ave.
Take a right onto Willow Ave.
7125 Willow Ave.

From 270 South:
Follow to 495/DC Beltway and head east toward Silver
Take exit 29 University Blvd./Rt 193 South
Follow to Piney Branch Rd
Take a right onto Piney Branch past Flower Ave., Sligo
Take a left onto Philadelphia Ave./ Rt. 410
Take a right onto Maple Ave.
Take a left onto Tulip Ave.
Take a right onto Willow Ave.
7125 Willow Ave.

From Downtown DC
Take New Hampshire Ave North to Maryland
Take a left onto Ethan Allen Blvd/Rt 410 West
At the intersection of Ethan Allen and Carroll Ave
vere left onto Carroll
Follow Carroll Ave to Tulip Ave (Savory Cafe on left)
- turn right
Take a left onto Willow Ave.
7125 Willow Ave.

If you get lost trying to follow these directions,
call (301) 270-3722

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November 17th, 2002

11:49 pm - back from vermont - ready to pack to dc ;)
vermont was ... well, interesting, relaxing and cold. G's friend lives in a little rural town.

before we left for vermont we signed a lease on a new apt. bigger and better.

1. Beatles or Elvis?

2. What is your secret spy name?
mega tsunami...?

3. When you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be:
an actress and/or rich and famous

4. Ever had an odd pet (anything other than dog, cat, fish, bird)?
i don't think a hermit crab counts - especially if it only lived a week.

5. Boxers or Briefs (interpret this as you will)?
no comment

6. List the strangest town name(s) you've ever seen:
? cant remember. guess it couldnt have been that odd or interesting

7. Ever taken the purity test?

8. Is your hair color currently your natural color?
yes for the most part

9. Your current celebrity crushes:
none - i must admit that celebs to fascinate the snoop in me though

10. Do you own any Tupperware?
some disposable tupperware but i dont know what name brand.

11. Ever re-gifted an item?

12. Your favorite Stooge:
don't know the stooges. never watched. no cable.

13. Daffy Duck or Donald Duck?
not a big fan of the ducks. daffy if i have to

14. Favorite game to play (not sport, just game):
car games

15. You do a GREAT impression of:
my parents

16. Most recent celebrity spotting:
"Liz" general hospital

17. Strange skill you have that not many people know about:
do you really want to know -- i'll tell you if you pm me

18. The body part you like best on yourself is:

19. A bad habit you have is:
smoking occasionally

20. The last concert you went to:
not in a long time

21. Kinkiest location you've ever done It:
*laughs* (not telling)

22. What is your drag name (name of first pet with mother's maiden name)?
tofer mendhiratta (i really like that)

23. Your favorite fast-food burger is:

24. Worst job you've ever had:
intern at an investment firm in chicago

25. In the movie of your life, whom do you want to play you?
me. haha. just kidding. ummm... i wouldn't mind shefali shetty. she's got a good name ;). i dont know too many other actresses who could pull off me.

26. Your dream car:
oh i could go on. let just say if i had the money and could buy any car i wanted today it'd be between a high type (S) mercedes sport car; an m5 bimer; a porche ruf/911; and a hybrid.

27. Your favorite comic strip is:
was never really into comics -- except archie

28. Do you still have your appendix?

29. Toilet paper: rolled under or over?
hmmm. under?

30. Your favorite donut:
kripy kreme regular but not big donut fan

31. Favorite basketball team (if you have one; pro or college; men or women):
i dont really have any favorites. the celtics?

32. Favorite Simpsons quote:
i do have one. i dont remember the actual quote. its when homer chooses a donut over a lottery ticket that he already (and i dont remember how)saw was a winner.

33. Do you collect anything interesting?
postcards, stationary

34. What are your hobbies?
pottery, running. i need more.

35. Your favorite form of chocolate:
rahm-mandel. german chocolate bar with roasted almonds.

36. Your guilty pleasure:
procrastinating. television.

37. Your favorite piece of sushi:
spicy california. then the spicy tuna.

38. Your favorite way to blow $20:

39. Ever slapped someone who was not a blood relative?
assuming you mean like a real slap - no. but i have slapped ppl in a mean way that just doesn't count bc it never hurt.

40. Your favorite Girl Scout cookie:
the mint ones

41. Your personal theme song:
something sarah maclaughlan-y.

42. Do you have any jewelry in your birthstone (and what is the stone?)?
no. aquamarine.

43. Your favorite sandwich:
not big sandwich eater.

44. The farthest place you've ever traveled to:
the united states or new delhi, india. whichever you prefer.

45. What would you do with a million dollars?
plan on how to live on it for as long as possible.

and i will answer the rest later. i need sleep.

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November 13th, 2002

11:29 am
rrrgh. planning these next couple of weeks sucks. plus my parents aren't being at all cooperative.
Current Mood: guiltyguilty

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November 4th, 2002

11:25 am
What's your brand of sexy?

brought to you by Quizilla

Languid-Sexy.... You rock the messy hair and crisp white cotton sheet. Your idea of bliss is a day spent in bed with your lover. There is nothing wrong with that, though some people like to leave the bed at times. You're a total fox, even if you are a hedonistic bum.

the apt is a 1 br with about 1000 sq ft of area. the bathroom is small but everything else is great. there is even a little room just bigh enough for the cat poop. we might buy a portable dishwasher. the apartment is like the size of lizzies apt in RI except the layout is different and its on the second floor(and it's not as new nice it's old but nice). oh - and it has two porches which is nice for us bc we want to let the cats out but not out out. so they can hangout on the porch but i doubt they'd leave bc its a long jump down.

plus the place is perfect for both of our commuting needs (and i happen to think its really pretty). and its totally cheap/affordable
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: missy eliot - itsyourpreminifitourwohdth

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October 29th, 2002

10:46 am
i am coming home for thanksgiving, with framfam.
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: aap jaisa koi

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